Luciano Canova

He is an economist and science populariser, as well as a teacher of Behavioural Economics at Scuola Enrico Mattei. He focuses mainly on happiness and the measurement of wellbeing.

He graduated in 2002 from Bocconi University, and continued his studies with a master’s degree in Development Economics at the University of Sussex, followed by a research doctorate at the Cattolica del Sacro Cuore University and a post-doctorate degree at the Paris School of Economics.
He is a lecturer at the University of Pavia and an assistant lecturer at Bocconi University. In addition, he teaches at the Enrico Mattei graduate school, as the head of the Managing Technical Assets programme.
He contributes to numerous scientific popularisation publications, including IlSole24ore,, GliStatiGenerali, and Pagina99.
He has a great interest in human behaviour and its determinants, and his research focuses mainly on the field of behavioural design and the measurement of happiness.
He strongly believes that scientific popularisation should be as widespread and accessible as possible, and works for the educational website as a teacher of the Economics of Happiness.


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