Loredana Lipperini

She is a journalist, writer, radio host, blogger. Her main areas of interest are literature, gender issues and the internet.

When she was still very young, she was in charge of the press agency Notizie Radicali and one of the first voices on Radio Radicale. Since 1979 she has been hosting cultural programs on RadioRai and, since 2009, Fahrenheit on Radio3.
She has worked for a number of press outlets (from Sipario to L’Espresso), and in 1990 she started writing for La Repubblica.
She has written and hosted television programmes and, since 2004 she has a blog, called Lipperatura, where publishing and culture are discussed, as well as topics related to women.
She sits on the panel of several literary awards (Premio Scerbanenco, Premio Arte di parole, Premio Pozzale Luigi Russo). Since 2014 she has been artistic director of the literary Festival “Gita al faro” [“To the Lighthouse”] in Ventotene.
Her books include a trilogy about women published by Feltrinelli (Ancora dalla parte delle bambineNon è un paese per vecchie, Di mamma ce n’è più d’una), a pamphlet about femicide written with Michela Murgia (L’ho uccisa perché l’amavo, Laterza), an essay on social media written with Giovanni Arduino (Morti di fama, Corbaccio), the Marche region travel diary Questo trenino a molla che si chiama il cuore (Laterza). Using the pen name Lara Manni she also published three Gothic novels (Esbat, Feltrinelli, Sopdet, Tanit, Fazi) and several short stories. She has written a foreword to On writing by Stephen King and edited the collection of novels, also by King, The Bazaar of Bad Dreams, which will be published in March 2016). In 2019 he published “Magia nera” (Bompiani).

In her numerous public talks she discusses gender issues, the publishing and literary world, focusing especially on the Internet and fantasy literature; she is also in charge of a series of lectures at the Holden School on the latter subject.

For information and contacts: contact-lipperini@elastica.eu