He was mentioned by Forbes as one of the under-30s who will change the future and is one of the most important Italian communicators and opinion leaders on the subjects of marking and innovation.

He was born in 1990 and studied at a Classical high school before taking a degree in economics.  He was one of the first people in Italy to invest in the two relatively unknown fields of blockchain and social media. He was one of the founders of the Assobit association and the consultancy and development company Blockchain Core.  He was a member of the government task force of experts at the Ministry of Economic Development, with the aim of creating a national strategy regarding blockchain, the editor of Cointelegraph and the director of The Blockchain Management School. He is the founder and managing director of You & Web, one of the most well-known Italian companies dealing with integrated communication and specialising in viral strategies, which deals with communication for various public figures, television programmes, politicians, brands and multinational companies.  He is a professor who lectures on the subject of Blockchain at Guglielmo Marconi University and Macerata University, and for years he has taught a course on Web and Social Media Marketing at La Sapienza University in Rome. He is often invited as a speaker and pundit by RAI and industry conferences, and is a member of Mensa International, an association whose members have an IQ that is higher than 98% of the world’s population, having passed an entry test with an IQ of 133 or more.

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