Giada Messetti

She is an expert on China and Asia, and shares her expertise on many different communication channels, from radio to TV, from books to the internet.

She was born in Udine in 1981 and graduated in Chinese from the University of Venice.  In 2005 she moved to Beijing where she worked for some of the top Italian media outlets including RAI, Corriere della Sera, Repubblica, Radio Popolare and Diario – supplying informative and logistical content thanks to her contacts and her networking skills. She returned to Italy in 2011, and collaborated with several important radio and TV programmes, such as Crozza, Zeta, Caterpillar, Ovunque6, and Caterpillar AM before focusing on TV writing, working with Daria Bignardi on Le Invasioni Barbariche and Beppe Severgnini on L’erba dei vicini. Currently she is a writer for the TV programme #Cartabianca on RAI3 with Bianca Berlinguer. She also works as a moderator for events and conferences, and often appears as an expert on Chinese issues on radio and TV programmes.  Together with Simone Pieranni, she created and presented the Risciò podcast about China, produced by Piano P and available on all the main streaming platforms. She published Nella testa del Dragone for Strade Blu Mondadori, which was an educational essay about China which describes that present and future of a country which plays an increasingly important international role.  She also writes about China for the newspaper Il Messaggero. 

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