Gherardo Colombo

He is a former magistrate who was a key figure in one of the most historic judicial inquiries in Italy and is heavily involved in his work as a communicator regarding the culture of legality. 

He was born in Briosco, in the province of Milan in 1946, and became a magistrate in 1974.  From then, until 2005 he conducted or collaborated with famous investigations such as the discovery of the P2 Masonic lodge, the murder of the lawyer Giorgio Ambrosoli, the so-called “Fondi Neri IRI”, the “Clean Hands” scandal, and the Imi-Sir. Lodo Mondadori and Sme trials. In 2005 he began working as a judge at the Court of Cassation. As a magistrate, he took part as a speaker in lots of Italian and international conferences on issues such as corruption, illegal funding of political parties, accounting fraud, money laundering and international judicial cooperation. In 2007 he left the judiciary and since then, with the association “Sulle regole”, he has focused on the public reflection of justice and education regarding legality.  Every year he meets about 50,000 students, and as a result was awarded the “Cultura della Pace 2008” prize.  HE is the president of Garzanti Libri and part of the committee for the reform of the prison system.  He is the President of the Cassa delle Ammende and of UECoop.

His most recent essays include: La tua giustizia non è la mia, (with Piercamillo Davigo, published by Longanesi), Il legno storto della giustizia (con Gustavo Zagrebelsky, Garzanti), La bambina tutta verde (Salani) and La sola colpa di essere nati with Liliana Segre (Garzanti, 2021).

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