Francesco Cicione

He is an entrepreneur who carefully combines thoughts and actions, and works in the field of innovation.  He makes constant efforts to understand the extremely varied nature of contemporary society, in spite of the indisputable momentous inconsistencies and a growing need for authenticity and meaning.

He is the founder and president of Entopan – Smart Networks & Strategies, the founder and executive vice president of Oltre Open Innovation Hub He has promoted and coordinated the foundation and development of one of the most important platforms for innovation in southern Italy, which accompanies start-ups and innovative PMIs, spinoffs and big players in the set up and implementation of digital transformation processes, industry 4.0 and open innovation.
Particularly, in recent years, he has created and coordinated several programmes enabling an extensive and skilled ecosystem to emerge, with around 500 applications that aim to combine technology and social innovation, including Innovare In Rete (with Banca Etica, the Bruno Kessler Foundation and the Giacomo Brodolini Foundation) and the Harmonic Innovation Contest (with NTT Data Italia and the University of Calabria).
In collaboration with the Department of Mechanical and Management Engineering of the University of Calabria, he promoted the establishment of OASI – Oltre Advanced School of Innovation, a Corporate Academy of which he is the co-director, which offers a catalogue of about 100 training courses, with a faculty includes some of the most prestigious figures from the world of economics, management, research, culture and innovation.
As one of the theorists of the “Harmonic Innovation” paradigm, he supports a systemic, integrated approach to the issues of the “Super Smart Society 5.0” and the challenges of the “New Green Deal” and the UN 2030 Goals for Sustainable Development. He aims to pursue and implement various disciplines, bearing in mind the impact and cultural benefits, the construction of value and the common good, as a way of reinforcing a generative, cohesive, sustainable and ethically inspired economy.
He has coordinated the setup phase, and is now on the board of directors, of the following projects Italie – Italian Limited Edition (an experience-based digital ecosystem focused on the mapping and development of top quality Italian-made goods), the Harmonic Innovation Hub (and research and innovation area which is being created at the campus of Calabria University) and Impronte (a company focused on social issues which is involved in the creation of a digital repository regarding local development issues, using AI algorithms).
He is especially focused on issues concerning the economy of development and its geo-political and theoretical implications, and founded the Colorni-Hirschman International Institute (promoted together with the economist Luca Meldolesi), of which he is the vice president.  The organisation operates at a global level, working together with some of the most important and prestigious international universities and institutions, offering analyses, insight, methods and tools to deal with the great transitions of our time. As a result of his Catholic background, he is involved in the promotion of dialogue between faith and culture, technology and spirituality, and this work continues in the Maieutikè events, of which he is the creator and director.

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