He is a presenter, author, journalist and populariser, who can be found on the radio and the TV, on La Stampa or Topolino, in theatres and festivals.  Themes include customs and science, youth issues, technological innovation, social issues and new lifestyles.  “He speaks, writes and writes for other people who speak”.

In his early twenties he started working with the weekly comic Topolino, and still does so today.

Today he also has a column in the daily newspaper “La Stampa” and presents the cult programme “Padrieterni” on Radio24. On the same radio station, together with Telmo Pievani, in both a live and podcast version, he is the presenter of “Terra in vista – La scienza e la tecnologia spiegata a mio figlio”,  a cultural and science popularisation project for families.

Also for Radio24 he created “Pappappero” (a format for children that has been on air for 7 years) and “L’altra Europa”.

On Radio2 he created and presented the programmes “L’altrolato” and “Monolocale”, the first press review dedicated entirely to local and provincial newspapers.

Together with Telmo Pievani, he wrote the book “Il maschio inutile”, which became a stage show, with the same name, featuring “Banda Osiris”, telling stories of science and current affairs, together with music and fun.

Teste Toste”, a series of books published by “Editoriale Scienza”, won the “Andersen” prize for the best science popularisation series.

With Margherita Hack he wrote the books “Perché le stelle non ci cadono in testa?” and “Nove vite con i gatti”.

He is an expert speaker to young audiences, and has presented science popularisation programmes on TV for children: “Screensaver” on Rai3, “Nautilus” on Rai Scuola, “Terza Pagina” on Rai5 and “Big Bang” on DeaKids.

For years, he has worked with the writing teams for Fiorello and Giovanni Floris and has written programmes for RAI, La7, MTV and Sky.

He is a skilful narrator of big and little stories, often including less well-known ones, and for over ten years has taken part in some of the most important Italian festivals and cultural events.

For information and contacts: contact-taddia@elastica.eu