Federico Rampini

Journalist, writer, lecturer: we organise his schedule as regards conventions and cultural events, promoting his work as commentator and storyteller.

Since 2009, from New York, he has been telling about economic, social and lifestyle trends in America; he is in fact a reporter from the Big Apple for “La Repubblica”. Before that, he worked in China for the same newspaper, from where he wrote about the situation in Asia. He often reports on top-level international summits (G-8, G-20, World Economic Forum in Davos), as well as about the White House because he has press accreditation at the Presidency of the United States of America.

Apart from working as a journalist, Rampini is a compelling and expert speaker, whose topics of choice include the economy (global scenarios and trends, financial market prospects, trends in USA-China-Europe relationships, technological innovation, the energy sector, manufacturing, agri-business, the history of great crises seen from major American experts), lifestyle, social and fashion trends (new consumer styles, health and environmental trends, the Slow Economy, that is to say post-crisis development models, Internet, the Web and new sources of knowledge and information), as well as a description of the Italian scene, telling about our country from the American and Chinese perspective.

Being trained in the tradition of American speakers – going straight to the point with their unparalleled effective and concise style – Federico Rampini delivers his conference just as fluently in Italian, English or French. Last but not least, he is the author of several essays translated into various languages. The most recent titles include: Quando inizia la nostra storia (Mondadori), Le linee rosse (Mondadori), L’età del caos. Viaggio nel grande disordine mondiale (Mondadori).

For information and contacts: contact-rampini@elastica.eu