Federico Pistono

He is an entrepreneur, angel investor, researcher and scientific populariser.  He works as an innovation and technology consultant for governments and businesses, and is an expert in the field of exponential technologies and future predictions for technology, the economy and society.

He has a degree in Information Technology from the University of Verona and specialised at the Singularity University (part of the NASA Ames Research Park).
He has personal experience of various sectors such as information technology, operative systems administration, web development, product management, user experience design, and human-machine interaction.
He takes part in the programme #CODICE: la vita è digitale broadcast on RAI 1 as a futurologist and technology expert.  He is the co-founder of four start-up companies in the sectors of e-learning, media production and distribution and wireless technology. He is an angel investor, and the youngest member, at the age of thirty-one, of Italian Angels for Growth, the most prestigious Italian group in the sector.
In 2012 he wrote the book I robot vi ruberanno il lavoro, ma va bene così: come sopravvivere al collasso economico e vivere felici, an international success which has been translated into seven different languages so far.
He has been interviewed by prestigious organisations such as the BBC, the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, Vice Magazine, Huffington Post, Folha de S. Paulo, Canale 5, and RAI 3.  He has written for CNBC, Wired, the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, Corriere della Sera and Forbes.
He frequently takes part in conferences and summits all over the world and is the head of the Blockchain division of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies.

For information and contacts: contact-pistono@elastica.eu