Enrico Galiano

Known as “the teacher who writes bestsellers,” he is an Italian literature teacher in a small suburban school, writes novels and creates web content. He knows how to talk to kids and convey the essence of things in surprising, captivating ways, whether it’s in the classroom, on the page, onstage, or on social media, where he is widely followed.

Born in 1977, Galiano created the webseries Cose da prof [Professor Stuff] in 2015, exceeding twenty million views on Facebook.

His debut novel Eppure cadiamo felice [Yet We Fall Happily] was a hit book of 2017 that won the Mediterranean Culture Award and City of Como International Prize for Best Debut, and is being translated throughout Europe.

Galiano has since published the novels Tutta la vita che vuoi [All the Life You Want] (2018), Più forte di ogni addio [Stronger Than Each Goodbye] (2019), Basta un attimo per tornare bambini [Children Again in a Second] (2019), Dormi stanotte sul mio cuore [Sleep Tonight on My Heart] (2020), the nonfiction work L’arte di sbagliare alla grande [The Art of Royally Messing Up] (2020), the novel Felici contro il mondo [Happy Against the World] (2021), and the nonfiction work Scuola di felicità per eterni ripetenti [School of happiness for eternal repeaters] (2022), all with Garzanti.

In 2022, Salani published his first children’s book, La società segreta dei salvaparole [The Secret Society of Word-Savers], an ode to words and language.

Known for his funny, off-beat lessons, Galiano is one of the teachers on RaiGulp’s program The Outcast Gang.

In 2015, the website Masterprof.it included him in the list of Italy’s 100 best teachers, and in 2020 he earned a place in Sole 24 Ore’s list of Italy’s top ten 10 most influential schoolteachers.

For information and contacts: contact-galiano@elastica.eu