British historian, writer and essayist, he is Professor Emeritus of Comparative European History at Queen Mary University of London. Sassoon is considered one of the most important contemporary historians, and a deep connoisseur of Europe’s political, cultural and economic reality.

Born in Cairo, Sassoon attended schools in Paris, Milan, England and universities in London and the United States. A pupil of Eric Hobsbawn, his books include One Hundred Years of Socialism, Mona Lisa, The Culture of Europeans, Mussolini and the Rise of Fascism, and the recent Morbid Symptoms. His works have been translated into twelve languages including Italian, Chinese, Korean and Estonian.

Sassoon has lectured in over thirty countries and has been a researcher and visiting professor at several universities and institutions, including Innsbruck, New York University, Boston College, Paris XIII, Queensland (Australia), Trento and Padua.
He is the winner of the Deutscher Memorial Prize (1997), the Alassio International Prize (2009), the Grand Prize (Korean publishers 2013), the Naples International Prize (2017), and the Acqui Storia Prize (to be awarded in October 2019).

He has been invited to speak about history, politics and culture by TV programs all over the world including the BBC World Service, CNN, RAI, ZDF. He has also been a guest on the La7 program “Otto e mezzo”, on Italian Swiss Radio, and in various radio and TV channels in America, Australia, Brazil, Canada and Korea, as well as being interviewed by major newspapers in Italy, Greece, Japan, Estonia, Spain, and France.
He has been the curator of the festival “La Storia in Piazza” [“History in the Piazza”] in Genoa, and his latest book is The Anxious Triumph: A Global History of Capitalism, 1860-1914, about the globalization of capitalis and published in 2019 by Penguin and came out in Italy (Garzanti) and Spain (Planeta/Cultura) in 2020.

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