Azzurra Rinaldi

Economist, feminist, expert in Gender Economics, and member of the European Women Association board. 

The director of the School of Gender Economics at Unitelma Sapienza University of Rome, Azzurra Rinaldi started her career in 2004 as a lecturer and researcher at Sapienza University, and that same year earned her PhD in Economics and Technologies for Sustainable Development at the University of Foggia. From early in her career, she has focused on development and cooperation aimed at reducing the gap between the world’s poorest and richest areas.

She soon began specializing further in gender economics, and became a board-member of the European Women Association and of the Scientific Committee of the Global Thinking Foundation. Going far beyond research, Azzurra Rinaldi is engaged in several projects in the field, and has worked for years in international cooperation programs for women’s empowerment and training in countries such as Lebanon and India.

An author of articles and books on the gender gap, the economies of emerging countries and of tourism, she regularly participates in national and international conferences on gender and equality. As an activist for women’s rights, Rinaldi defines herself as a feminist and was among the founders of the “Giusto Mezzo” and “Dateci Voce” movements.

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