Annalisa Corrado

A mechanical engineer with a PhD in energy, she is an ecologist, an expert in the field of ecological transition, and an activist for climate justice.

Corrado started her career in 2000 with the assessment of the environmental impact of products and services from a circular economics perspective. In 2005, she received her PhD in Energetics from La Sapienza University of Rome, and later worked for the Ministry of Environment, in the division for renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Currently, Corrado works in strategic planning to reduce greenhouse emissions and increase territorial resilience, in keeping with SDGs 2030. She is responsible for innovative projects at AzzeroCO2 and technical activities at the Kyoto Club association, as well as being a member of the ethical committee for Etica SGR and the inspiration board for the Laboratory of Sustainability and Circular Economy at University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo.

She and Alessandro Gassmann launched #GreenHeroes, later developed into the book Io e i Green Heroes (The Green Heroes and I), published by Piemme in 2022. She is also the author of Le ragazze salveranno il mondo (The Girls Will Save the World) (People, 2020) and has contributed to several books on ecological transition.

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