Andrea Segrè

He is a key figure in the fight against food waste, and one of the most authoritative speakers on the foundations of economic, circular and sustainable ecology.

He was born in Trieste in 1961, and since 2000 has been a full professor of international and comparative agricultural policy at the University of Bologna, where he was also the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture and Director of the Department of Agricultural Science and Technology. He taught Circular Economics at the University of Trento (2015-2018). From 2015 to 2020 he was the President of the Edmund Mach Foundation in San Michele all’Adige. He is the founder and president of Last Minute Market, an accredited spinoff of the University of Bologna, an important European and Italian initiative for the prevention and recycling of food waster for charitable purposes. He is a promoter of Campagna Spreco Zero (the Zero Waste Campaign) and the scientific director of the Waste Watcher Observatory for the circular economy and sustainable development. He is the president of the Agricultural Centre of Bologna and the FICO Foundation for food education and sustainability. He is a member of the scientific committee of ISPRA and the Research Committee of CREA. He has received numerous awards including the international Pellegrino Artusi prize in 2012. His latest publications include Il gusto per le cose giuste. Lettera alle generazione Z (Mondadori) and Il metodo spreco zero (Rizzoli).

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