He is a sociologist of communications and narrative media who won the Curcio Prize for culture in 2015.  In Italy he introduced the theoretical and practical debate regarding “business narrative”.

He is the Managing Director of Storyfactory, a lecturer in “Corporate Storytelling” at the University of Pavia and director of the Master’s course in the Science of narrative (MUST) at the same university.  Andrea Fontana has extensive experience in the field of strategic consultancy, marking and company management, and combines this with his research activities, teaching and popularisation in the institutional and business communications sector.

He is the author of numerous texts on managerial culture and the sociology of communications, and wrote the first Italian manual on Corporate storytelling – “Manuale di Storytelling”, published by ETAS-Rizzoli in 2009 and more recently the book “#IoCredoAlleSirene. Come vivere (e bene!) in un mare di Fake News“, published by Hoepli in 2017.

He is a regular guest on TV and radio programmes (Sky Tg24, Radio 24, RTL 102.5, La7 and Tg3 Linea Notte) and is often invited to speak on various issues, such as: the sociology of communications, corporate storytelling, fake news and the new dynamics of communications, big/small data, politics and geopolitics.

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