Alessandro Baricco

He has described great international authors and their books as if they were a journey or an adventure film. This was enough for Elastica to fall in love with his Lectures, which we are now bringing to the theatre.

Distribution starting from the 2015/2016 season.

“Generally speaking, my lectures always have this goal: giving answers which in turn generate questions. This is how you reconstruct the chain of knowledge: by always coming up with answers that contain questions”. This is how Alessandro Baricco describes his Lectures, a cycle which he has already staged with huge success in several Italian theatres.

The Lectures consist of four performances (possibly reduced to three), during which the writer from Piedmont deals with a different facet of knowledge every time: “On Taste” (The taste revolutions: the ‘break’ that joins Kate Moss and Maria Callas), “On Justice” (The Peloponnesian War told by Thucydides: the origin of the sense of justice), “On Time” (The flight of Luigi XVI, King of France and Tolstoy), “On Writing” (The writer’s job: Marcel Proust). It is possible to attend the whole cycle or just one performance, because each lecture contains a complete narration in itself.

The staging is simple: there is just Alessandro Baricco, sitting at a desk, giving his lecture with the support of video footage which outlines and reveals his train of reasoning.

Essayist and narrator, Baricco’s first work is Genius on the run. Two essays on Gioacchino Rossini’s musical theatre. He has written numerous novels, the most successful of which are Castles of Anger, Ocean Sea, the theatre monologue Novecento on which Giuseppe Tornatore has based his film ‘The Legend of the Pianist on the Ocean’, and more recently The Young Bride. On television he has been the protagonist of cultural programmes such as ‟L’amore è un dardo” [Love is a Dart], about opera, and ‟Pickwick”, dedicated to books.

In 1994 he designed and founded the Holden School in Turin.

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