With a cross between a documentary and a drama, Federico Rampini, a journalist, writer and internationally-renowned geopolitical analyst has created a theatre-documentary which looks at the 20th century and interprets history using several key dates as a way of understanding the events of the present, directed for the first time by the documentary-makers Michele Mellara and Alessandro Rossi.
The conference/show is based on his latest book “Quando inizia la nostra storia” (When our story begins), and is a new theatrical experiment, with the narration accompanied by a video documentary.  The show brings together different forms of art and journalism.
Featuring readings, anecdotes from his travels and eye-witness accounts, Rampini’s tale uses history as way of understanding the present, with the theatrical storytelling of several fundamental dates, enhanced by images which add to the topic and widen the horizon of the audience. The directors and screenwriters Mellara and Rossi made a careful selection after spending months doing research into the endless material available online, from free press archives such as Archive.org, news reports and international documentaries that hardly anyone in Italy had ever seen.
The book focuses on three areas: first with more intimate and personal accounts and private images, and secondly with a “connection” between the events, dedicated to the official version of events and the way that they are connected, and lastly with a symbolic reinterpretation of events, full of evocative objects that stay on the stage like a kind of patchwork quilt made of memories.
In just over an hour, the show combines a documentary approach to sources, events and history with a more narrative one involving personal memories.
The show is based on the book “Quando inizia la nostra storia” (published by Mondadori).

The tour was sponsored by Interglobo (www.interglobo.com)