Verde Come L'italia Accinelli


Battello a Vapore

Publication date

June 2023





“Our broadened sense of time (including the past, the present and the future) is both collective and personal. Just as a single bee builds a few cells that merge with others to form an entire beehive, every eon unites to build our world. The same is true for the future: our collective dreams in the present will form the years to come.  […] May the future be with us.”

One hundred years of natural history in Italy show that it’s possible to change our destiny, and that humans can coexist with nature. In this book we meet a lion with a bellyache in Bologna, obese seagulls in Rome, and alien insects arriving from America. There are ravenous termites that want to devour an entire town in Romagna, the return of wolves to the Apennines and their encounters with nutria on the plains. A river at the foot of Vesuvius turns into a red cloaca, a tidal wave in Alghero caused by climate change, and the eternal battle of mosquitoes for survival all over.

These are stories that hang in the balance between catastrophe and salvation, between problems and solutions. Each piece of natural history unites to complete the great puzzle of Italy today.

This is not a book about politics, but about animals, agriculture, dreams, greenhouse gasses and climate change. Discover the wonders and transformations of Italy through the eyes of a nature expert, who demonstrates the importance of good habits, and the power of dreams.

GIANUMBERTO ACCINELLI is an entomologist and writer, and his environmental story-telling projects show his enthusiasm for nature. He gives talks for schools, businesses, associations and anyone who wants to tell stories about nature.

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