Creative Veins

Produced by: Mismaonda
Luca Lazzaris: executive producer and creative manager

Carmen Manti: editing and production

Theatre lending its language to institutional communication: this is what happened with “Creative Veins”, a project commissioned by Lega delle Cooperative in Bologna, designed by the architect Mario Cucinella. The idea was to outline a sustainable future for our cities, dealing with topics such as safeguarding green areas, their connection with cycle lanes, adding vital functions to attract citizens to the old town, and urban quality care, to mention but a few. All this has been turned into a performance conference, staged at the Sala Borsa in Bologna, using large images projected onto the paving of the indoor piazza of the library in the town centre. The scene is depicted by Mario Cucinella, in conversation with Patrizio Roversi and with live music by Cialdo Capelli.