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One hundred years have passed since the revolution that changed the course of the twentieth century. Ezio Mauro was the Moscow correspondent for La Repubblica during the years of Perestroika, and has combined his in-depth knowledge of Russia with his reporting and journalistic craft to tell the story of the October Revolution

“Two trains, Lenin and the Tzar: Tales of a Revolution” focuses on two trains which travelled across Russia with an interval of one month between them.  The first train was transporting Nicholas Alexandrovich Romanov, the Emperor of All the Russias and the last Tzar, while on the other train, accompanied by his Bolshevik comrades, was Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, better known as Lenin, the head of the Russian revolutionaries, who was about to seize power as leader of the revolution. 

The production is accompanied by historical images from the period, and recalls the consultation of a newly discovered secret archive, with sounds, voices and songs from the period (such as the Marseillaise sung in Russian by workers), featuring the off-stage voice of Ivano Marescotti). The show toured Teatro Argentina in Rome, but here the story was deepened through four events to analyze four different moments in the Revolution: RASPUTIN and THE WORKER’S REVOLT | The hot February in the great theatre of Saint Petersburg; LENIN and THE TZAR: THE  TWO TRAINS OF THE REVOLUTION; KERENSKIJ and KORLINOV | Faith and intellectuals in the chaos of Russia and TROTSKY; THE ROMANOVS | Red October and the tragedy of a Dynasty. 

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