Giulio Costa Sito
Libro Giulio Costa Disciplina Imperfezione


Sperling & Kupfer

Publication date

March 2023





“Discover inner darkness and face it, instead of running away. This book is not about hiding wounds or scars, but about revealing them. Because only by revealing them will they finally heal.”

Annalisa Cuzzocrea

The generations of our fathers didn’t believe in taking care of mental health.
Any word that started with “psycho-” sounded like a curse, whispered out of fear for outside judgment. It took an Armageddon’s worth of upheaval over the past few years to normalize attention to the psychological wellbeing of all: from adults to kids, from families to schools to workplaces.

It feels like the “performance society” that we live in, where weakness and failure are considered taboo, is slowly giving way to a new reality, one rooted in the search for happiness and time dedicated to our wellbeing and what and who we love. At the same time, we’re discovering the meaning of our suffering: as Giulio Costa writes, “Every trauma has a story,” and every story deserves to be heard and processed, to put the pieces of a crumbling world back together, and create a new one where it’s okay to be afraid of the future.

The Pursuit of Imperfection, citing figures from Hannah Arendt to Zerocalcare, takes readers on a journey through the rough waters of modern fragility, where nonstop crises and the endless tasks of everyday life have turned into a perfect storm.

A gripping, hard-hitting read for mapping a route for our lives towards safe harbors, with suggestions for recognizing our internal points of darkness, and learning to accept and forgive them.

“There’s a repeating metaphor throughout these pages on imperfections, relationships, words, and the desire for a future glittering with hope. It’s the image of a boat navigating its way through the hurricanes caused by contemporary fragility. A word of advice to sailors: in the event of storms, give up the safety of the shore and go out into the open sea. If you take care of the boat’s imperfections without ignoring them, the ride will be safer, and by the end of the journey you won’t be the same as before.”

Giulio Costa

GIULIO COSTA, psychologist, psychotherapist and PhD, deals with health psychology and family psychotherapy.

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