The Machinery of Knowledge


Produzione di Elastica


Theater Adaptation




Where and when

On tour, 2014 - 2015

”Everything starts with a white card, where you write outlines, names, ideas, words that are then turned into a journalistic initiative, an article, an interview”.

Ezio Mauro, former editor-in-chief of La Repubblica, starts the story of how the newspaper is produced here. An hour of storytelling, theatre, and press conference, titled “The Machinery of Knowledge.” Elastica curated the staging of the talk: the design and construction of multimedia scenes, the concept of stage space, directing of the large images accompanying the narration, the lights, and the timing of the talk.

The show premiered at the Piccolo in Milan, Teatro San Carlo in Naples, Ariosto in Reggio Emilia, at the Holden School in Turin, at Teatro Massimo in Palermo.

Production of 2014-2015.

Ezio Mauro, “The Machinery of Knowledge”
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