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On the occasion of the group’s 80th anniversary, following its foundation in 1938, Manutencoop Facility Management (a company with 100% ownership by Manutencoop) has been given a makeover, and a new name: Rekeep. Elastica took charge of creativity, organisation and communications for the entire project, which told the story of the company and its future international objectives with a five-stop tour which started at the Feltrinelli Foundation in Milan, with the launch of the new brand created by Antonio Romano of InArea.

The project, titled “Siedi, leggi, viaggia. La biblioteca di Rekeep” [Sit, read, travel. The Rekeep Library] began with the aim of supporting the values of multiculturalism and integration by means of culture.  It brought 800 masterpieces of foreign literature selected by the journalist and writer Loredana Lipperini to the whole of Italy, from north to south. The tour stopped off in the most beautiful squares of Florence, Verona and Catania, before finishing in Bologna in November, to celebrate Manutencoop’s “birthday”.

The event celebrated the most special characteristics of the Rekeep Group, an organisation involving workers from over 90 different countries, which provides a concrete example of sharing, focus on human capital and a positive working environment, thanks to communication using Italian as a shared language.

Each city hosted a travelling library for just under a week, which was open to the public, and visitors could borrow books, or enjoy readings by the actor Ivan Olivieri. The programme in each city included a special evening dedicated to the company stakeholders, which took place in one of the properties managed by FAI [the Italian equivalent of the National Trust], which were opened up especially for the occasion. Rekeep began an important project together with FAI (Fondo Italiano per l’Ambiente) in which the group acted as one of the sponsors of the “Giornata FAI d’Autunno” [FAI Autumn Day] 2018.

The tour ended with a big party in Bologna at the city’s Teatro Comunale, with a show presented by Massimo Gramellini, featuring Umberto Galimberti, Stefano Massini, FAI President Andrea Carandini, Federico Rampini, Nives Meroi and Massimo Cirri.