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May 2023





“You’re reading the testimony of an Olympic champion of laziness! […]

No one instantly understands economics: or at least, it only happens to a rare few. Based on how things went when I started running, I believe that by training and practicing the fundamentals, one can start feeling good about certain concepts, especially enough to read the paper about GDP, unemployment, interest rates or monetary policy.”

The world of economics has always been shrouded in mystery. With its tables full of numbers, diagrams, ascending and descending parabolas, and acronyms, the science that rules our lives and our countries often seems intimidating and inaccessible.

The Economics Treadmill demystifies all those unfounded fears related to economic systems. More importantly, it helps us use the ideas and visions of great economists as tools for everyday life.

Luciano Canova, in the style of a personal trainer, helps us see the more human side of economics, through board games, movies, and TV series, to get us toned for the society of tomorrow. Just as one doesn’t need to be an Olympic athlete to keep fit, it’s just as possible to train with the main concepts of economics and words we all read in the news without becoming a guru. Just as exercise is healthy, these words will help make more conscious decisions in life.

Each at his or her own pace and needs. All with the goal of understanding how economics and basic economic-financial education are necessary so we can stand behind whatever choices we make, from everyday decisions to the most important ones, from the job we choose, to the person we plan to spend the rest of our lives with, to produce long-term consequences.

Luciano Canova ingeniously uses sports metaphors to design a full-out training plan––with warm-ups, workouts, cool downs, and stretching––that helps practice using words and concepts such as inflation, GDP, opportunity cost, financial crisis, spread, exchange rates.

An economist and science writer, LUCIANO CANOVA teaches Behavioral Economics at Scuola Enrico Mattei. His research focuses on happiness and measurement of well-being. His podcast Favolosa Economia (Fabulous Economics) (Storielibere) is one of the most top podcast series on economics.

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