The Condemned


Elastica Production


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Where and when

On tour, 2018 - 2019

Forty years have gone by since 9 May 1978, when the dead body of Aldo Moro was found in a Renault 4 in Rome’s Via Caetani. 

Ezio Mauro takes us back to the events of the politician’s abduction, which took place on the morning of 16 March 1978, on the day of the presentation of a new government, the fourth one led by Giulio Andreotti. The 55 days of Moro’s imprisonment, following his kidnap by a group belonging to Italy’s Red Brigades, have been turned into “IL CONDANNATO. Cronache di un sequestro”, a stage reading by and with Ezio Mauro, produced by Elastica.

The story, accompanied by large projections which reconstruct the materials of the era in original scenes, also focuses on the murder and discovery of the body of the President of the Christian Democrats, just a few metres from Piazza del Gesù, the headquarters of his own party.

The show made its debut on 9 May at the Teatro Grande of Brescia, to mark the occasion of the Remembrance Day dedicated to the victims of terrorism. 

Production from 2018/2019