Social Cohesion Days

Public policies for happiness were the focus of this event, which involved discussions between key figures: Benjamin Radcliff and Ferruccio De Bortoli, Francois Bourguignon with Romano Prodi and Riccardo Iacona, followed by Alexander Pacek and Gad Lerner. The event, entitled Social Cohesion days, the Festival of the Easy Care Foundation, took place in Reggio Emilia from 26 to 28 May, with three whole days dedicated to institutional and civil debates on the theme of social cohesion.

The second edition, for which Elastica provided organisational consultancy and the presence of several speakers, included numerous events, all of which were free, such as conferences, round table discussions, shows, screenings and concerts.

The event featured important figures from the fields of international politics and economics, who discussed various aspects of the theme: immigration, social inclusion, education, media education, childhood and European integration.