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Where and when

Mezzocorona (TN), november 2022

The event held in the convention hall of Cantina Rotari was called: “Builders of the Future: A Time for Courage.” It marked a new and ambitious goal from Sidera ICTease, an information technology company active for over thirty years: to lead a vanguard change of perspective in IT and model a pioneering approach aimed at building and not just consuming; investing and not just using––and above all done with courage.

Sidera’s advanced message of change became even more effective with the support of an industry thought leader, which the Elastica Bestiary team selected: technology policy expert Alec Ross. Together, the three constructed the content that inspired the entire event. Joining Ross on-stage were Sidera’s top management and Paolo Traverso of the Bruno Kessler Foundation of Trento, with employees and stakeholders in the audience.

Our production team was in charge of organization, stage set-up, management of the timeline of the speeches, direction and technical coordination, and the creation of stills and animated graphics to support the speakers’ speeches.

In parallel, the Media Relations team worked locally and with locals, involving its network to amplify the visibility of the event to local businesses, schools and press. TGR Trento also covered the event.
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