Servizio pubblico Live

“Do you really think I am a tribune? I am just somebody being used as a typewriter, appearing on stage with what he sees, and with what he thinks. Before me there were Zavoli and Biagi: perfect, impeccable, authoritative, then there was my “gang” with its lopsided cameras and imperfections, then there was the piazza, splitting up the screen and the representation of power with its dishevelled truths. Many have tried to imitate us. But you cannot imitate a soul”. This is how Michele Santoro opened the last instalment of Servizio Pubblico, live from Largo Annigoni in Florence.
With “Rosso di Sera”, which was the title of the evening event, the TV journalist concluded this television series. “A red rose and a commitment: this is not how it ends”, he was keen to point out. His long-standing co-workers were, as always, Sandro Ruotolo, Marco Travaglio, Vauro, Giulia Innocenzi and many guests including Franco Battiato, Bianca Berlinguer, Cristiano De Andrè, Teresa De Sio, Sabrina Ferilli, Monica Guerritore, J-Ax, Maurizio Landini, Gad Lerner, Alessandro Mannarino, Tomaso Montanari, Alba Parietti and Nicola Piovani.
Elastica contributed to the technical organisation of the evening event.