Rep 2056, ideas for the next 40 years

“Rep 2056, ideas for the next 40 years” took place over the course of ten days, in Rome.  This year, the festival organised by L’Espresso Group focused on this particular theme, and Elastica, as ever, took part in this great adventure, with events at Maxxi and the Parco della Musica Auditorium, from 3 to 12 June. It was a special edition of the festival, created to celebrate the magazine’s fortieth anniversary.
As usual, there were loads of important guests, including: scientists Roberto Battiston and Giovanni Bignami; the great photographer Sebastiao Salgado; Francesco De Gregori, Giuseppe Bertolucci, Roberto Saviano and Carlo Petrini; Fabio Volo and Fiorello who both took part in an amusing debate with the magazine editor Mario Calabresi.  This was followed by a discussion between Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and Eugenio Scalfari, the ministers Pier Carlo Padoan, Giuliano Poletti and Carlo Calenda, and finally the economists Tito Boeri and Lucrezia Reichlin. There were also lots of foreign guests such as Tahar Ben Jelloun, Hanif Kureishi and Michel Onfray. The event featured a wonderful evening with Natalia Aspesi and Lella Costa, dedicated to the analysis of the sexual and emotional habits of the Italians, with material from Natalia’s letters column.  There was also an unmissable debate between Michele Serra and Fedez.
One of this edition’s new features was the “Zona Franca”, a nocturnal area for young people, with events focusing on comics (with Andrea Pazienza and the Bonelli designers), comedy from The Pills, music from Manuel Agnelli and Rodrigo D’Erasmo from Afterhours, from Edoardo D’Erme, known as Calcutta, and Niccolò Contessa from I Cani.
The grand finale of the event was a special evening, organised as usual by Gino Castaldo and Ernesto Assante, and together with their guests they filled the Parco della Musica Auditorium with music.

Photos by Giacomo Maestri (