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In tour, 2016 - 2018

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It is quite rare to find someone who knows who Palamedes was. However, during the legendary times of the Trojan war, Palamedes was one of the most famous Achaean heroes. He was sentenced to death (unjustly) because Odysseus accused him of having sold Achaean war plans to the Trojans. Obviously it was just a cutthroat duel between two intellectual elites: the winner was Odysseus who fabricated false evidence of Palamedes’ guilt. The great hero was thus stoned to death and his name systematically erased from memory.

Palamedes, however, was a genial character and his legend has made it to the modern age through a few virtually unknown narratives which Alessandro Baricco collected and turned into a performance.

The first-ever “Palamedes: Erased Hero” hit the stage on October 28, 29, 30th 2015 at the Oiimpico in Vicenza, as part of Emma Dante’s series Cycle of Classics.

Next, from July 4-9 2016, the version “Palamedes: A History,” delivered by Alessandro Baricco and Valeria Solarino was produced at the Palatine Stadium in Rome as a preview for the RomaEuropa Festival 2016.

The show also had a televised version that was broadcast by Rai 5.

PRODUCTION OF 2016 – 2018

Palamede, the story by Alessandro Baricco

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Photos by Giacomo Maestri and Francesco dalla Pozza.