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Where and when

On tour, summer 2022

July saw Arena in the largest piazza in Pesaro for Ulisse Fest—a festival dedicated to travel–and then with feet in the sand of Senigallia for XMasters–a festival featuring sports and music. September was the Fantini Club in Cervia during Open Water Week, and the Triathlon Sprint No Draft in Civitanova, Marche.


Arena-branded Polaroid photo gifts for guests


Hours of DJ sets with top Italian DJs


People participating each day in each activity

From an iconic American Airstream caravan to embody the travel theme to a lounge area with photo booth and DJ sets to set the perfect mood. Important guests, selected and hired by Elastica, from the worlds of culture, sports and music: marine biologist Mariasole Bianco spoke about her marine reforestation project in the seabed of Golfo Aranci in Sardinia; award-winning swim champion Massimiliano Rosolino held a meet & greet with fans on the beach; 25km open water world champion Dario Verani was involved in the Mille Classic in Cervia; and various DJs including Samuel from Subsonica performed unforgettable sets at sunset.

Water, sports, entertainment and music––plus passion and responsibility: these were the elements chosen by Elastica to bring thousands of people into contact with Arena’s new branding direction and increase traffic in the stores.

Arena Beach Tour Xmasters Senigallia Djset Back Min 1024x731
Arena Beach Tour Xmasters Senigallia Djset Min 1024x731
Arena Beach Tour Pesaro 70 679x1024
Arena Beach Tour Djstile 819x1024