Sabrina Carreras
Libro: Now or Never



Publication date

March 2022





“This is a book about teachers, students, principals, and parents, but also mayors, businessmen, pedagogy experts, and scientists who have sensed, imagined, experimented with, and at this very moment are constructing our future.”

Sabrina Carreras

There are typically two ways of talking about public schools. One focuses on their dysfunction,
and the other, the one chosen by Sabrina Carreras, is through stories of education innovators at all levels, people who solve timeless problems and unexpected challenges with dedication and
imaginative thinking.

Since the pandemic, restructuring public schools has returned to the center of public debate and the top of national priorities. Carreras introduces us to teachers, principals, administrators, architects, and pedagogy experts, visiting a wide range of schools — from those on the margins lacking everything, even students, to the most technologically advanced, socially imaginative, and cutting-edge in Italy and Europe.

Through testimony, statistics, and scientific research, this book shows that a new conception of public schooling is not just possible, it’s already happening. The challenge that remains is applying
these changes on a systemic level. It’s now or never.

SABRINA CARRERAS is a Rai journalist, and writer and correspondent for the prime-time program “PresaDiretta” on Rai 3. She reports on innovation and digitalization, EU funding, health, environment, and schools.