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Bologna, december 2021

On December 11, 2021, Fondazione Carisbo celebrated its 30th anniversary with a ceremony at Palazzo Re Enzo in Bologna. 

Hosted by RAI journalist Eva Giovannini, the event was attended by mayor Matteo Lepore, Archbishop Matteo Maria Zuppi, and the Minister for Equal Opportunities and Family Elena Bonetti, who spoke about family policy-making to support birth rates and educational responsibility. 

The incredible thirty-year history of Fondazione Carisbo, brought to life for the occasion through videos of the presidents at its helm from 1991 until the present.

30mo Fondazione Carisbo Evento 7
30mo Fondazione Carisbo Evento 8
30mo Fondazione Carisbo Evento 6
30mo Fondazione Carisbo Evento 2