A seven-hour show, until 4 am, for MEMORABILIA, a night event which brought the great Pyramid of the most legendary disco in Italy on centre stage at the largest theatre in the Peninsula. On 17 January 2015, at UnipolArena in Bologna, the first very successful co-production involving the city theatre and Cocoricò took place. An audience of 10,750 enjoyed the sound of some of the most prestigious names in electronic music. The featured artists actually included Pcp, Cirillo, Saccoman, Sesoria, Rexantony, Ricci jr, Francesco Zappalà and Cek; with them Mario Più and Ricky le Roy. In the house room it was the turn of Claudio di Rocco, Giusy Consoli, Federica Babydoll. Another key player was Principe Maurice, the most creative icon of the night since the end of the 1980s, a thrilling, sensuous and contradictory image of the history of the most famous Italian superclubs.
This night event was the first result of the debut of the club in Bologna, in partnership with the Unipol Arena for a series of great appointments which will bring to town the best in contemporary dance music, with the hedonistic spirit which for more than 20 years has been seducing not only scores of young people but also unsuspected protagonists of the nightclub scene at international level.
Elastica was in charge of communication. Here the press review.