Mantova Lectures

“These Lectures are not lessons. The Lectures are a journey into the mind which is reconstructed in public, in a theatre, for an hour and a half.  They tell the story of an adventure of the mind”.
This is how Alessandro Baricco describes the theatre project which began three years ago in Rome.  The first series was called Palladium Lectures, taken from the name of the location where they were held, the Palladium Theatre.
The latest series, with updated themes, took place in Mantua, the Italian Capital of Culture for 2016, as part of the twentieth edition of the city’s Literature Festival.
The themes are: THE MAP OF THE LONDON UNDERGROUND, on the theme of truth; ALEXANDER THE GREAT, on the theme of narration; and VAN DER WEYDEN’S “ THE DESCENT FROM THE CROSS”, on the theme of happiness.
Over the next few months, once again entitled Mantova Lectures, the series will tour Italy, with appearances online and also on television.

The Mantova Lectures are produced by Elastica and Scuola Holden.

Photos by Giacomo Maestri (