Rock lessons

2015 is the year when rock music turned 50. It was in 1965 that rock became aware of itself thanks to three milestones in its history: that was the year Bob Dylan started it all, and it was the year the Rolling Stones wrote Satisfaction and the Who published My Generation.

In order to celebrate this fiftieth anniversary, two living encyclopaedias of music such as Ernesto Assante and Gino Castaldo are about to start touring Italy with their Rock Lessons at the theatre. As critics, they have both followed musical reviews over the past four decades, interviewing protagonists from Italy and abroad, writing about records, concerts and historic gatherings, anticipating trends on the domestic and international scene. Now history and reporting merge in these Rock Lesson, a guided tour between listening, videos and words, hosted by the two journalists and showmen who will thus introduce the public to a sort of time machine which will allow them to turn back the clock and rediscover, through a series of selected and commented listening, the development of rock, which was never just music, but rather carried with it dreams and passions,  ideas and projects, images and adventures for many generations of young people.

The format is always the same: a two-hour lecture full of memorable songs and unforgettable episodes.

The next dates:

6th April 2017 TORINO, Teatro Colosseo – Topic: Pink Floyd

26th April 2017 COMO, Teatro Sociale – Topic: Bruce Springsteen

27th April 2017 LECCO, Teatro Della Società – Topic: Bob Dylan

16th September 2017 REGGIO EMILIA – Topic: U2

18 November 2017  SAN GIOVANNI IN PERSICETO (BO), Teatro Comunale – Topic: David Bowie

20 January 2018   SAN GIOVANNI IN PERSICETO (BO), Teatro Comunale – Topic: Led Zeppelin

17 March 2018   SAN GIOVANNI IN PERSICETO (BO), Teatro Comunale – Topic: Genesis

18 March 2018  CREMA (CR), Teatro San Domenico – Topic: Beatles

Here are the podcasts (part one – part two) of Radio2 Social Club where Ernesto Assante and Gino Castaldo present the tour.