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Florence, October 2019

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The three day festival – from 4 to 6 October – was a journey inside Florence, involving its many sides: from the public to the city’s institutions, to its politicians, to its artists, to its men and women. “The sky”, as the economist Elsa Fornero said during one of the events “can just be seen by women, but it’s still blocked by a glass ceiling.  I’m sure you’ve all heard yourselves saying…ultimately you’re a wife and you’re a mother”. And then there was a provocative statement from the virologist Ilaria Capua: “The perpetuation of the human race is the responsibility of women, as a world without men is possible.  Maternity is a gift”.

The chef Antonia Klugmann talked about cooking and women. The actress Pamela Villoresi spoke proudly and sternly: ‘’When I used to go to auditions when I was young”, she said, “everyone would ask me to take my clothes off.  And I used to call the police.  But my perseverance and courage paid off.  I’m now the sixth woman in the history of the Italian Republic to be the director of a National Theatre”.




OFF-site events

Lots of guest speakers met with great applause on the stages of the Teatro della Pergola and Teatro del Saloncino: from Concita de Gregorio to Geppi Cucciari, from Miriam Toews to Marta Dillon, to the authors of “Le Nuove Eroidi” (Harper Collins) to the mayors of Ancona (Valeria Mancinelli), Barcelona (Ada Colau) and Tunis (Souad Abderrahim). “The vision of women” as Colau said, “can help to improve our world very much”. There was also a tribute to Lucia Poli and the female comedians of today who filled the Teatro Verdi with “laughter and humour”.

Tickets were sold out for the evenings at Teatro della Pergola, for the discussion events “Città delle Donne” (City of Women) and “Vieni avanti, cretina!” (Go ahead, idiot!) an evening dedicated to women’s comedy.

Serena Dandini was the artistic director of the event, with the project created by Elastica and the Fondazione CR Firenze, and sponsored by Gucci together with the Municipality of Florence.

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L’Eredità delle donne 2019
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