The republic of ideas

The Republic of ideas  choose Reggio Emilia as its last stage for 2014. Here, on 29 and 30 November, in partnership with Slow Food, the topic was food. “Il cibo siamo noi” [“Food is us”] was the title of the two-day event dedicated to several topics, in an attempt to answer some of the fundamental questions of our time: how to ensure good, healthy, adequate and sustainable nutrition for the whole of humanity; how to make sure that future generations have sufficient natural resources and technological means; how to safeguard biodiversity at risk and resist GMO temptations; how to reward a virtuous supply chain and defeat illegality in the process; how to eradicate the first and most deep-rooted of all inequalities: food disparity. The guests included the economist Mariana Mazzucato, the president of Slow Food Carlo Petrini, the Father Superior of Bose Enzo Bianchi, the Minister for Agricultural Policies Maurizio Martina, the President of Coop Italia Marco Pedroni and the producers Giannola Nonino and Pasquale Forte. On Sunday, instead, the spotlight was on Don Luigi Ciotti, Stefano Rodotà and Attilio Bolzoni. Of course a great chef had to be featured during the event: this time it was the turn of Massimo Bottura, from Modena.

REGGIO EMILIA, La Repubblica delle Idee from Elastica srl on Vimeo.