Ilaria Capua
Libro: Wonder and Transformation



Publication date

October 2021





“The path we take now will shape the world in which our children and grandchildren will live. We can choose to keep following development models that are clearly harmful to the system, health included. Or, we can finally understand that what is harmful to the planet hurts us too and that we have to promote a more sustainable world if we want to survive. We can start immediately, by actually putting in practice the respect and equity that have been missing so far. Or, we can wait until the next pandemic.”

Pandemics are major transformational events. They rain down on systems that believe themselves consolidated, opening cracks and making everything shake. In other words, they destabilize everything. They evoke an ambivalent feeling: fear and uncertainty on the one hand, but also wonder, because they conceal some incredible opportunities within their folds. Opportunities to understand the world and to update the way we relate to it.

According to Ilaria Capua, one of the leading voices in international virology, we are therefore in the right spot to strike a new balance: one that takes into account the fact that we are not alone inside of this closed system, we actually share it with other roommates.

The SARS‑CoV‑2 pandemic reminded us that we are vulnerable, just like we were centuries ago, and that health is the one essential and indispensable thing that we absolutely cannot do without as an evolved society.

It is all one health: the health of the system that we all share, humans, animals, and plants. Health is like lifeblood flowing through us all: if we want to protect ourselves, we have to consider the whole system, because the health of the Homo Sapiens will also depend on the health of animal populations and the environment.

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