Ifis Christmas Talent Show


Banca Ifis





Live filming


Location scouting


Where and when

Milan, december 2021

Banca Ifis decided to celebrate the holidays not just with a simple Christmas Party, but by having their collaborators and employees star in a TV talent show. 

Inspired by the talent shows hosted by Rudy Zerbi and Diletta Leotta, both of whom are judges, the Banca Ifis Christmas Talent Show was first broadcast from the headquarters of the Feltrinelli Foundation in Milan, which they transformed into a TV studio for the occasion. The contestants performed on-site, while over 1800 others watched the event on TV and voted for the best ones through an app created specifically for the occasion.

Run by Elastica: conception, production, streaming transmission on a dedicated platform, location selection and proposals, talent candidate selection, lineup construction, TV studio and set design, special guest casting and live direction.