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De Agostini

Publication date

May 2024





Some stories hit you like a punch in the gut. They are hard stories to hear and even harder to tell, but once you start, there’s no stopping. Just like with this book, where we get hooked on the words of Pablo Trincia. One of our time’s most skilled storytellers, here he offers a window into lives distant from ours, but only by chance.

Young people of different nationalities, cultures and faiths, united by a singular and universal wish: to live free and safe. Trincia has seen this driving force that pushes one beyond known boundaries – breaking bonds, throwing one into the arms of danger – with his own eyes during travels around the world in search of the truth, through the journeys of hundreds of people in movement.

Like Fatima, who grew up in a little village in Afghanistan, where the opportunities for education and emancipation are nil, if one has the misfortune of being born a woman under a regime of men who call themselves the Taliban. Or Omar, fleeing from the rampant poverty in the thin strip of Africa from which he comes. Or Sasha, whose life was halted one February morning in 2022 with the piercing cry of a Ukrainian air raid siren. Fatima, Omar and Sasha are three young people who have become migrants without wanting to. Their stories – odysseys made up of pain and hope – reconnect us to the great community of humanity, reminding us at the same time who we are as individuals. It is precisely because they are stories which are difficult to tell that they deserve attention, and even more so they deserve to be shared, as Pablo Trincia does in this touching, powerful book.

PABLO TRINCIA is a journalist and television presenter. In 2017, he was the first to bring serial podcasting to Italy. With Veleno, a serial investigation into the ‘devils of la Bassa’ case, he transformed the podcast market, becoming one of the most followed and imitated podcasters on the Italian scene. In 2022, Il dito di Dio was released for Spotify, a documentary podcast on the shipwreck of the Costa Concordia 10 years later, while in 2023 he edited the podcast Dove nessuno guarda – Il caso Elisa Claps.