I Sensi Del Vino 23 Cc Scaled


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Bari, May 2023

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An original production by Elastica, inspired by an idea from journalist Stefano Costantini, I sensi del vino [The Senses of Wine] is a journey through Puglia’s excellent wines, their close connection to their culture and their fundamental role in local development and the sustainability of the supply chain.

Content was at the heart of this event. Onstage guests alternated between stars from the world of entertainment, journalists, producers, and local entrepreneurs, to share ideas, stories and knowledge.

An explanation of the “zero-km” wine production chain in Puglia was led by an exceptional host, Paola Saluzzi. Author Barbara Sgarzi presented the book Wine, Women and Leadership, while the panel “Talking About Wine,” explored the universe of wine and food communication from print media to online newspapers to social networks.

“Apulian Close Encounters” was hosted by actor Dino Abbrescia, while “Women and Wine!” gathered some of the most important female figures in the world of Italian and international wine and oenology for reflection. The panel discussion “Making wine takes (less) water” took stock of the sustainability of the wine supply chain in Puglia, led by the historic Repubblica critic Gabriele Romagnoli.

Elastica handled event organization, production coordination, technical direction and organizational secretariat, as well as graphics and media relations.

The symposium was produced with the support of Acquedotto Pugliese, as well as contributions from Teatro Pubblico Pugliese and the Regional Consortium for Arts and Culture within the framework of Puglia Promozione, and under the patronage of the Municipality of Bari and the Region of Puglia.