Who is behind the face of Leonardo da Vinci, and what was he hiding behind that stern gaze, as he painted himself?  The man was described as an unrivalled, all-round genius, who was seemingly touched by grace and maybe even had superhuman talents, but what was he really like?
Massimo Polidoro, a writer, science communicator, conference speaker and internationally famous expert in the field of pseudo-science and the psychology of the unusual, has brought us “I, Leonardo da Vinci”, a portrait of a man with virtues and flaws, great ambitions and fluctuating fortunes.  Thanks to his inquiring mind, his endless desire for knowledge and his ambition of success, he managed to overcome his all too human limits and deal with difficulties, rejection and disheartening experiences which could have put off a less determined person for ever.
Polidoro, with his great skill as a storyteller, brings the secret Leonardo to life with words, quotations and recollections, and guides the public into the world of this genius, accompanied by suggestions, the places he lived in, and the figures who played both large and small roles in his extraordinary new life story, which will liven up the screen.
“He is portrayed as an illegitimate child, with no formal education, who was a left-handed, homosexual, vegetarian pacifist, and who grew up knowing that he could only count on himself and his own undeniable talent.  The story that emerges is a marvellous adventure involving redemption and triumph over adversity” explains Polidoro.
The show is enriched by music, with original compositions by Marco Forni, and illustrations by Massimo Pastore.
It is based on the second book which Massimo Polidoro has written about the genius of Leonardo da Vinci Io, Leonardo Da Vinci (out on 30 April, published by Edizioni Piemme-Il Battello a Vapore), which follows his fascinating memoir Leonardo. Il romanzo di un genio ribelle (Edizioni Piemme-Il Battello a Vapore – featuring an introduction by Piero Angela).