the 70 years of CNA

Francesco De Gregori and Irene Grandi filled to capacity like ever before a heated Piazza Maggiore to celebrate the 70 years of CNA Bologna. It happened on July 16, when this branch of the Artisan Confederation, the most numerous in Italy (in the capital of Emilia there are 13,000 members) celebrated its anniversary with events scheduled already starting at the beginning of July. The event was officially opened by the ad-hoc photographic project designed by Maurizio Galimberti. This photographer, famous for his mosaic portraits (including the world-famous one of Johnny Depp which made the cover of Time Magazine), selected 30 artisans from Bologna for a polaroid photo. The result was a ten-day exhibition about the multi-faceted world of CNA, to be admired looking up under the Pavaglione colonnade. Then, to celebrate the Association’s involvement in renovating the Nettuno fountain in Bologna, on two nights there was a video projection on the facade of the Sala Borsa covering all stages in the history of the statue by Giambologna.
Finally, there was the mid-July evening event hosted by Giorgio Comaschi and opened by Valerio Veronesi and Cinzia Barbieri, respectively president and secretary of CNA Bologna, who in ten minutes summed up the most salient stages of the seventy years of the Association’s life, through a fascinating set of images. Last but not least, people in the square sang along for two hours with the two Italian music stars. The universe of CNA Bologna, on the occasion of its seventieth anniversary, is also portrayed in a blog full of news, history and mementos.

I 70 anni di CNA Bologna from Elastica srl on Vimeo.

Photos by Giacomo Maestri, video by Giulia Sacchetti