Azzurra Rinaldi
Rinaldi Come Chiedere L'aumento



Publication date

May 2024





After having explained in Ladies Don't Talk About Money how even in the economic sphere gender discrimination isn’t beneficial to anyone, Azzurra Rinaldi addresses another urgent topic: negotiating one’s wage.

Breaking down the prejudices underlying employment and salary disparities between men and women, she outlines an unequal economic situation, which is never in favor of female workers. Not to mention workers with one or more children. When a man becomes a father, the job market seems to reward him (with overtime, bonuses, promotions). However, the situation for women does not improve – on the contrary. How, then, can women start a conversation about money and ask for fair compensation, when their bargaining power is so limited?

Through research, case studies, techniques and strategies, Rinaldi offers practical tools to “silence the little voice that always makes us feel inadequate” and dismantle the system that always renders women passive. But this book is also for men – in order to overturn our shared narrative about money, and to really rebuild, it is necessary to act together.

Azzurra Rinaldi

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