Mia Canestrini
Mia Canestrini Libro Nelle Terre Lupi



Publication date

February 2023





“A wolf appears before our eyes like a snowstorm before summer, like a flower that breaks through winter ice. Wherever they go, wolves announce nature at its most wild and uncontainable. Seated on a throne of truth, they reach out to bite us, penetrate our deepest emotions, let them bleed.”

From Irpinia, through Tuscany, across the Emilian Apennine mountains, up to Valtellina and down the Roman coast, Mia Canestrini takes us on a search for these extraordinary, fearsome, and mysterious creatures. Tracking their movements, their “new” behaviors, and their trails, the author maps the new geography of wolves in the Italian landscape. Along the way, she reflects on what it means to be part of the natural world, what it means to be a living being–human or animal–and what it means to be a wolf in this gravely anthropized world. The latest work by a true contemporary explorer, an intrepid and observant zoologist, and a gifted writer who makes wolves, nature, and the most beautiful and impenetrable places accessible and endlessly fascinating.

“For some, wolves unleash a sense of total awe that makes eyes and smiles widen. For others, wolves conjure black clouds of fright that makes brows and lips contort. Wolves, allergic to compromises and middle ground, always leave bodies in their wake. Bodies that are either frozen by fear or stunned by amazement”.

MIA CANESTRINI is a zoologist who specializes in animal biodiversity conservation. She has dedicated herself for over fifteen years to wolf conservation, protecting the most iconic species in the wild.
She leads the series “La bella e le bestie” (“Beauty and the Beasts”) for the program 105 Friends on Radio 105, is featured on Geo (Rai 3) with the column “Buone notizie dalla Natura” (“Good News from Nature”), and co-hosts “La banda dei fuoriclasse” on Rai Gulp and “Il Provinciale” on Rai 2.

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