Fiumara d’Arte

Fiumara d’Arte is an open air museum founded by the art patron Antonio Presti.  It consists of a series of monumental sculptures located in the beautiful natural setting of the Madonie mountains in the Halaesa Valley, overlooking the sea above Cefalù in Sicily.
Elastica, together with Presti’s artistic direction, has selected a lighting designer, inspired by the forms of the sculptures themselves, so that visitors can now appreciate these stunning works of art at night too.
The lighting was created by Giovanni Pinna, an internationally famous light designer, with the Artistic Direction of Antonio Presti.
The artistic lighting also involves works by Tano Festa, il Monumento per un Poeta morto (Monument to a dead poet) (an enormous, 18-metre high frame, created in reinforced concrete and iron mesh), and by Mauro Staccioli, the Piramide 38°Parallelo (38° Parallel Pyramid) (the structure is partly sunk into the rocky terrain with a crack along the western edge which helps it fit even better into its specific setting and overall space).  Last but not least there is a work by Pietro Consagra, La materia poteva non esserci (The material might not be there) (it is a large frontal sculpture with two elements leaning against each other, creating parallels as well as distinctions using the colours black and white, in a delicate balance between full and empty spaces).

Photos by Alessio Algeri (