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Livorno, May 2023

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Fondazione Livorno, the main promoter for art and education initiatives in the Livorno area, entrusted Elastica with the conception and production of a new comedy festival, celebrating the stylistic trait of the Tuscan city. After Elastica identified Luca Bottura as the perfect artistic director and created ample room for creativity, the festival “Antani Nonsense: Comedy and Satire, As If They Were Real“, became the first and only festival on humor in Italy. From there, events were packed over the course of three days with comedy and political satire.

This irreverent, dynamic and intergenerational festival investigated the latest trends in the world of Italian humor and satire, ranging from reflections, discussions, and of course tons of live comedy. A three-day sold-out event of culture and laughter with a stage packed with special guests.

The festival’s most anticipated events included the challenge between two satirical blogs with millions of followers, Lercio and Spinoza, the performance of Andrea Pennacchi from Propaganda Live, live shows by Makkox and Valerio Aprea, an indoor press review championship with journalists Gad Lerner, Alessandro Sallusti, Stefano Zurlo, Giulia Merlo and Marianna Aprile. Not to mention Antonio Losito’s “workshop to become tyrants,” the “world’s most expensive panel” featuring Stefano Andreoli and Tonus, and a stand-up comedy marathon with special judges Pietro Sparacino and Salvo di Paola.

Plus, talks on TV comedy with Walter Fontana, Andrea Zalone and Federica Cacciola, a special corner for advice columns with Ester Viola and Alessio Viola, and explorations of humor and the Islamic world with Pegah Moshir Pour and of Judaism with Rev Scialom Bahbout.

The opening show of the festival was “the Antani Live Show” by Luca Bottura with the blessing of Cardinal Matteo Maria Zuppi, while during the closing grand gala, the winners of the first edition of the “Antani Prize” were announced by guest of honor Gianmarco Tognazzi along with participation of Luciana Littizzetto, Gene Gnocchi, the Ridillo Band, Federico Palmaroli and Yoko Yamada.

“Antani. Comicità e satira come se fosse”, il Festival sull’umorismo di Livorno 2023

Meanwhile at the Goldonetta, space was also given to a series dedicated to books, curated by Paolo Maggioni with interviews with Marco Ercole and Gianluca Cherubini, and presentations of the volumes Poverina [Poor Thing] with Chiara Galeazzi and La bestia [Beast] with Massimiliano Loizzi, as well as the art contest “For me humor is…” reserved for the very youngest viewers, and promoted in collaboration with Il Tirreno.

Elastica developed the creative concept and the content designed to involve even the youngest target audience. Elastica also handled graphics, website development, organization, venue set-up, technical coordination, and administration, as well as the communication of the entire project to the target audience of Millennials, through social network trends. On top of that, Elastica ran the press office, an activity that brought the Festival to all major national and local newspapers.

A project of Livorno Foundation, the event was realized in collaboration with the City of Livorno and Teatro Goldoni with the patronage of the Region of Tuscany and with media partnership from the newspaper Il Tirreno.