Wounded to Death

Produced by: Mismaonda
Francesca Parisini: communication and public relations
Luca Lazzaris: project manager
Beatrice Bodini, Carmen Manti and Valentina Montato: production and logistics

Washington, New York, Brussels, London, Luxembourg, Strasbourg, Geneva, Paris, Tbilisi, Lisbon, Mexico City: it was an adventure, a fascinating adventure. This project was part of the professional life of some us when we worked at Mismaonda, the company which produced “Wounded to Death”, the theatre performance written and directed by Serena Dandini against femicide. After its debut in Palermo – in November 2012 – and one year spent touring major Italian theatres, the event-performance went global because it was staged in English, French, Spanish, Georgian and Portuguese, always in highly prestigious international settings and hosting on stage over one hundred very famous women, representing the countries where we performed. Always to cry out load, all together: NI UNA MAS! Stop violence against women!