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Basta Diete Veronica Bignetti Elastica


De Agostini

Publication date

April 2024





You’ve been trying, since yesterday or your whole life, to control what you eat. You forgo the pleasure of dessert so as not to “overdo it”, and when you “give in to temptation”, it is quickly followed by guilt. You would like your body to be different, by a few or by many kilos, because it doesn’t seem adequate to you, or because you feel you really need to lose weight for health reasons. Going on a diet seems like the only solution to improve, but you can’t stand the stress, sacrifices and failures anymore.

But what if the failures weren’t your fault, but the diet’s? What if there were another path, far from self-control, that leads straight to well-being?

In Down with Diets! Veronica Bignetti – pioneer in Italy for intuitive eating, an approach proven to be effective – shows us how to free ourselves from the diet mentality and embrace trust in self-regulation of needs and achieve a state of well-being that is mature, kind and self-determined.

At the beginning it is difficult to unlearn the rules that we have internalized throughout our lives, but this book combines science with stories and testimonies of personal experience, as well as exercises, self-evaluation questions and practical ideas to accompany us through the ten principles of intuitive eating.

The aim is to establish a revolutionary, and finally healthy, relationship with one’s body, food, and the pleasure of eating. And arrive at an incredibly rewarding result: feeling good in one’s own skin.

VERONICA BIGNETTI is a dietitian expert in eating disorders and inclusive approaches to weight. Her work is part of the HAES® (Health at Every Size) model/movement. In line with this scientific approach, she pursues her goals of promoting behaviors, attitudes and beliefs aimed at well-being without weight manipulation and the spreading of inclusive health practices, so as to break down weight stigma and diet culture. As a feminist sensitive to fat acceptance matters, she trained outside Italy to acquire the knowledge and tools to give new life to her profession.